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Badass Women at Any Age

Jun 15, 2021

Jessie Wiegand had a tumultuous childhood, leaving home at 16 and living a peripatetic life, couch surfing throughout high school years.  With the help of teachers and counselors Jessie was able to successfully overcome her struggles as a teenager.  Married right out of high school, Jessie dedicated herself to raising and homeschooling her 5 children.  As a full time mom,  she cultivated her knack for communication while mothering five children and entered the professional world after graduating from college at 42.  Jessie is the News & Media Director at WGRT 102.3 FM and host of the radio show and podcast, LIMElight with Jessie.  As a multimedia storyteller, she connects people to fresh ideas and engages them in fun, authentic conversations.

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Jessie’s personal story

Early childhood struggles

Becoming a full time mom and successfully homeschooling her children.

Connecting and rediscovery

Lessons and resilience learned from experience.

Morning reading and writing routine

How we define ourselves. Being identified by who you are not what you do.

LIMElight radio and podcast.

Advice for career minded women.


“I lead more with thought than emotion.”

“I found time because I required it.”

“You don’t just quit when you’re a mom.”

“I don’t necessarily want to be identified by what I do, but more of who I am.”

“The accessibility of education is a game changer for women.” 



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LinkedIn: @jessiweigand

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