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Badass Women at Any Age

Jul 20, 2021

With her sights set on working in Chicago after college, Catherine Lindner found a job where she learned about data and information resources. This valuable knowledge led her into an incredibly successful career in retail. Upon becoming a mother Catherine passed on executive positions that would require traveling and instead ventured out on her own helping brands and retail technology firms position their products for retail. Recognizing a gap in the marketplace particularly focused on women over 50 Catherine and her long time colleague Carol Franczek created Out-Wit, a marketing company that focuses on helping companies capitalize on the power and potential of the over 50 female market.  As an experienced marketing leader and retail enthusiast, Catherine has spent her career building successful brands with a combination of analysis and creativity. Throughout her career, she has put her all into tackling the “impossible” situation and driving measurable change grounded in consumer insights. Catherine loves a challenge, from building Walgreens’ first retail marketing department to developing their first integrated customer segmentation. She’s also credited with transforming Walgreens’ beauty business by differentiating the 8,000-item assortment by store cluster. Catherine believes the best solutions start with the customer by understanding their needs and wants. 

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Catherine’s unexpected career path into retail.

From retail to data scientist and entrepreneur.

Women over 50 are the Influencers and decision makers.

Repositioning aging as something positive and worth embracing.

Advertising, marketing and target marketing.

Female leadership and changing dynamics.

Financial investment houses and the older female demographic.

Fear of getting older and women who are redefining what it means to age.

50 over 50 and women CEOs.

The silent minority of women experiencing gendered ageism.

Self esteem and confidence and how easily it can be undermined by society.


“The reality is, getting older is a blessing.”

“More diverse workforces produce better results.”

“Ultimately if you’re healthy and happy you age well.”

“If brands speak authentically with an authentic voice to women, they’ll respond.”


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