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Badass Women at Any Age

Oct 1, 2019

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, PhD. is a certified speaking professional, author, and one of the top global experts on introverts, Jennifer knows the power of using her own voice to inspire others to use theirs as well. She talks about her work with organizations and clients, and how it helped give her a foundation to work with introverted leaders all around the world, the importance of acting “as if”, and the leaps that she took in her career to get to the next level.  


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 


  • How Jennifer’s work can help an introvert harness their own power to use it to their advantage in their personal and professional life. 
  • Yes, you can be a badass AND an introvert. In fact, the two very easily go hand in hand. 
  • How Jennifer’s dad helped give her confidence in her own capability. 
  • Jennifer’s evolution in speaking her truth while at the same time respecting others.
  • Jennifer overcame her own fears of public speaking, and is now a sought after speaker for leaders all over the world. 
  • It’s about quality over quantity in networking. 
  • There is power in building a culture where everyone is encouraged to share their authentic self in a safe environment. 
  • Being a badass is knowing what our truth is, and being connected to it. 



  • “You make more of an impression using your introverted side.” 
  • “Introverts inspire me.” 
  • “Yes, you CAN be a badass and an introvert.” 
  • “The power comes in knowing who we are.” 
  • “The main thing I see that I am most encouraged by is diversity. When we get a group of women of every color and every age into a room, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen workwise lately.” 



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