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Badass Women at Any Age

Oct 8, 2019

Heather Hansen O’Neill is an award winning speaker, author and coach. Heather and I met about 3 years ago at a speaking event and I knew after hearing her light the room on fire with her energy and passion that we needed to connect. She joins the show today to talk about using her own personal experience as a driver to motivate others, the importance of listening to your own voice instead of getting swayed by others, her work as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and her love for finding the adventure out of life. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • As we grow, we gain the wisdom that comes with living our own truth and listening to no other voice but our own. 
  • Heather’s experience with finding herself again, and how that took her to the next level of her own growth. 
  • Why having everyone love you (or even just like you) is an impossible task, and the benefits that come with relaxing into knowing that you can’t please everyone. 
  • How Heather got into public speaking, writing, and coaching, and what she loves about each endeavor. 
  • The conscious shift Heather made to do a great job for her own satisfaction instead of trying to make others happy. 
  • What truly feeling like a bad ass can do for our posture, physical gestures and how we show up in the world. 
  • Heather loves empowering women and helping them share their message. The more women that own their “badassery”, the better! 
  • It’s important to be uncomfortable. Everyone has to get uncomfortable in order to grow. 
  • Heather loves challenging herself and getting in touch with her body and mind. She can do this through yoga, or extreme sports and adventures. 
  • Why just sitting and being quiet can have a profound effect on releasing our fear. 
  • Heather’s point of view about how we move through or shift from fear, and the openness and power that comes with really looking it right in the eye. 



  • “I was feeling the heat and the energy in the room when Heather was speaking.” 
  • “The ability to look at fear takes incredible strength.” 
  • “You’ve already had everything inside of you that requires you to be successful. It’s always been there.” 
  • “The opposite of fear is love, not courage.” 



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