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Badass Women at Any Age

Nov 5, 2019

Throughout her career, Amy Giddon has devoted much energy and heart to helping women achieve their ambitions. Not only is she a badass, but she is one of the smartest people I know. Amy has held multiple leadership positions, including one as the VP at American Express, but her appetite for risk-taking and desire to connect others in a big way led her to build her new company, The Daily Haloha, on her own. In this episode, Amy talks about the inspiration behind her new app, how it serves to humanize and uplift us in a time when we need it more than ever, and what it was really like to reinvent herself. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • I think Amy has always been a badass, but she has felt it most recently as she reinvented herself from a corporate leader to an entrepreneur. Amy held many positions of authority where she ran departments and staff but started to consider her badassery when she stepped into a role that was in alignment with her values. 
  • When stepping into a new role it is not always a straight linear path to success. Each phase can be a new set of risks and challenges. 
  • When leaving your comfort zone and going out on your own, be ready to forego some external validation, as you work on your own internal version of success.  
  • Starting a brand new company from the ground up is not for the faint of heart, but Amy credits her ability to move forward to her passion, being okay with not having all the answers, and working with the best available resources and people. 
  • Daily Haloha began in 2016 in the wake of the Presidential Election. Amy felt the disconnection and dislocation of her community and the country as a whole. She saw a display of an art project in the subway and wanted more people to have the transformative moment that she witnessed from the post-it notes on the art piece. She knew that to scale it, an app would be best and Daily Haloha was born. 
  • Daily Haloha connects others by having them swap anonymous daily thoughts and keeping the message always light and refreshing. Users can talk about their future goals, exchange their thoughts and offer their truths to uplift others. 
  • Real badasses try to listen with an open mind, perspective and by putting their bias aside. 



  • “It has been a long and winding road to badassery.” 
  • “For some, it’s the first time they have got a routine to stick to that feels like a pause in their day.” 
  • “The whole point is to remind us that we are part of this beautiful mosaic of people.” 



Daily Haloha


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