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Badass Women at Any Age

Jan 21, 2020

Dr. Wanda Wallace is an author, coach, and radio host, who helps both women and men catapult their career to the next level. She talks about using badass energy to ask the questions that help you really get ahead, her book Out of the Comfort Zone, and how she has been a badass in the making since she was three years old. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 


  • Why being an expert in something is really about being confident that you have the knowledge, and also accepting that there will be moments where you don’t. 
  • More often, Wanda sees both women and men who are established and have worked their way up, but are now looking for a way to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves with something new. 
  • Badasses need to do what it takes to learn from mentors and those in leadership positions to find out what experience and characteristics they need to move ahead. 
  • Growth is required to lead from strengths, but also there is power and wisdom in realizing that there will be things along the way that you don’t know and have to learn. 
  • Badasses realize there may be obstacles in the workplace, but they work to see all their options and choices instead of falling into victimhood. 
  • In order to lead others, you must fully be aware of knowing your own value, and your worth. 



  • “We need experts, they are the heroes of the organization.” - W 
  • “I don’t think anyone should ever wait for the company to come to them.” - W
  • “To me, being a badass is taking control when you can.” - B
  • “Sometimes we don’t see the choices in front of us in a broad enough way.” - W




You Can’t Know It All 

Out of the Comfort Zone