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Badass Women at Any Age

Feb 25, 2020

The symptoms and experiences that women go through during menopause are not often discussed, but is a very important topic. The consequences can range from mild discomfort to debilitating hot flashes, with a lot of missed moments and helpless feelings along the way. This week Gianna Micheli — author, speaker, and outspoken menopause coach for millions of women joins the show to give us some tips on feeling sexier, healthier, and happier than ever before. She talks about the inspiration behind her book, Why American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired & Angry, and how she helps women find the root cause of their issues. She and I also discuss what to do to improve menopause symptoms, and why you may want to put down that cup of coffee in the morning.


What You Will Hear in This Episode:


  • ● Gianna herself felt fat, sick, and tired and suffered from adrenal fatigue. She knows how it feels to be desperate for answers, and to throw money down the drain just searching for something to feel better.
  • ● Diet and sleep are two of the most important factors in going through menopause with minimal symptoms, and for staving off chronic illness.
  • ● Menopause is occurring earlier in women than ever before, even though the stigma used to be that it’s something only grandmas or older women go through.
  • ● Gianna is on a mission to protect women from medical enslavement, where they are prescribed hormone replacement therapy along with a bunch of very expensive medications that can often have side effects.
  • ● There are some staggering statistics including 1 in 8 women suffering from a thyroid disorder, and 1 in 4 on antidepressants.
  • ● As much as a hot cup of coffee sounds good in the morning, many women report feeling better and losing weight when they ditch the caffeine.
  • ● Hot flashes can cost a company over $2100 a year per woman in doctor visits and loss of productivity.
  • ● Menopause symptoms can flare up when there is too much fat in the diet, or when women consume sugary or high fat beverages.
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