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Badass Women at Any Age

Mar 3, 2020

Emily Cassel has been supporting women entrepreneurs launch, grow, and scale their soul-aligned businesses for the past 5 years as a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach, and she totally reflects my mission to help women become more visible in the workplace and to get the recognition they so deserve. Emily joins the show to talk about what exactly it means to be part of or run a Soulful Business, and ways we can take action to become more aligned every day with our own purpose. She and I also talk about what being aligned really looks like in business, the biggest challenge women face towards stepping out into the unknown, and ways you can connect or receive support from her mentorship. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 


  • Emily created The Soulful Business Academy for women looking to develop both their business process and connect with their true purpose in life. They could be preparing to transfer out of a full-time job, or can also be running a business but looking to create structure to level up. 
  • When you are leading a business that is soul informed, you are making decisions based on your own inner wisdom and gut feelings. When you tap into this energy, it serves both your inner calling and helps the greater good of humanity. 
  • Emily helps her clients launch, grow, and scale the business that their souls came here to create, and tap into the energy to even know what that is in the first place. She also encourages them to use their skills and serve from where they are in the present moment, rather than feel like success is so far away. 
  • The more you gain clarity on your mission and purpose, the more you can access the flow state. 
  • Pay attention to what it is that you are naturally drawn to, and what makes you feel more alive and excited. Do more of that! 
  • There can be fear around the unconventional, but it is important to keep following through with inspired action, stay mindful, and know you are not alone by connecting with others. 



  •  “Our souls all have a mission that they come here with.” 
  • “Ask yourself - what is nourishing your spirit, and creating energy for you in your life and work?” 
  • “Your path is about building a life, not a family.” 



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