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Badass Women at Any Age

Mar 10, 2020

Pamela Slim is an author, consultant, and former corporate director of training and development at Barclays Global Investors. She has created and delivered training programs for large companies such as HP, Charles Schwab, and Chevron, and has advised thousands of entrepreneurs. She shares how we can feel comfortable finding different types of work for our existing skills, and explains why she loves a good side hustle. Pamela also talks about how we can be aware and open to see new opportunities and display courage through the difficult parts of creating meaningful work. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 


  • Pamela wrote Escape from Cubicle Nation while she was coaching people that wanted to start their own business. That eventually grew into writing more books, building classes, and moving out of the corporate world.
  • The time Pamela spent abroad lit a fire inside of her to be interested in global studies. 
  • In the growth mindset, you are open and curious, and it is a choice that we can make to be open and flexible. 
  • There are different ways we can utilize our “ingredients” or skills and qualifications in different work modes, and also change up the way we apply our skills to certain jobs. 
  • We can develop new skills and stay curious about our industry, and at the same time just stay aware of new possibilities in which we can use our already existing attributes and talents. 
  • Pamela is a giant advocate of a side hustle and learning as much as you can while you still have a steady paycheck. 
  • Fun Fact — Pamela has done MMA and martial arts, which does help her with focus and discipline. 
  • Courage can be quiet and under the radar, it doesn’t always need to be loud and intrusive. 



  • “I’m amazed and astounded every day by the kind of progress, learning, and transformation that women can make.” 
  • “It’s a matter of deciding to acknowledge the power that you do have.” 
  • “Start small, and learn as much as you can.” 
  • “There needs to be a consistency where you are building up your capacity to do hard things.” 



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