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Badass Women at Any Age

Mar 17, 2020

Nancy Halpern is a colleague who shares my passion for helping companies overcome dysfunction and dynamics that hinder outcomes. She joins the show this week to talk about the patterns in office politics that she has seen in her career as a nationally recognized Leadership Consultant, working with companies that range from Fortune 500’s to startups. Nancy and I also talk about why leaders would feel compelled to fix dysfunction, examples of how she has overcome leadership challenges, and how to fix office politics by looking at the root of where you work and the objectives for the future.



What You Will Hear in This Episode:


  • ● Nancy has worked with executives, teams, divisions and entire organizations over the past 20 years. Her client list includes Bank of America, Conde Nast, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Disney, among many others.
  • ● When we are less fearful, our leadership style benefits and comes instead from a confident and assured place.
  • ● The reasons that Nancy feels many good and experienced people get stalled in their career, and what we can do about it.
  • ● A few patterns in office politics including gossip and playing favorites, and the data that shows really just how much this affects the end result.
  • ● Why it’s important to look at the root of where you work, and really understand the foundational purpose and objective of the job.
  • ● Why the best talent are not always the people who can navigate politics the best, and how to lead a team knowing that information.
  • ● The term “office politics” doesn't necessarily have to mean something negative. Nancy and I view politics as relationships and the business of creating strategic alliances.
  • ● There is a strong correlation between ambition and power, and Nancy and I have found that women shy away from declaring and owning both.
  • ● You need to figure out unwritten rules from an individual perspective and know-how to position yourself to be successful.
  • Quotes:
  • ● “I think when you are open to possibility, you open possibility.”
  • ● “People shouldn’t be competing with each other, they should be competing with competitors.”
  • ● “You need to do great work, but you also need to pay attention to what’s going on around you.”
  • Mentioned:
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  • Nancy Halpern
  • @getpoliticaliq