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Badass Women at Any Age

May 26, 2020

Coaching goes way beyond just reaching out to someone for help with our vision and goals. It can quite literally retrain our brain, trigger feelings of connection and possibility, and show us how to channel our emotions into fuel that leads to positive results far greater than we can ever imagine. This week’s guest, Dr. Marcia Reynolds, is a Master Certified Coach and president of Covisioning LLC. Marcia is hired by organizations around the globe and is a highly sought after speaker and behavioral scientist. Marcia talks about her new book, Coach the Person, Not The Problem, how a brief stint in jail led her to have the confidence she has to show up fully as herself today, and some of the most important things to know when searching out a career in coaching.


What You Will Hear in This Episode:

  • ● Marcia ended up in jail at just 20 years old, and although she served a short sentence, her cellmates and experience taught her invaluable life lessons that made her who she is today.
  • ● Marcia bonded with the other women in jail and they helped her see her own potential to motivate and inspire others.
  • ● The power of “I’ll Show You” is a strong one, and a great coach can help a leader align their actions to gain outcomes that mirror their passions.
  • ● Marcia shares what she has learned about coaching, and how even top leaders limit their success by sabotaging themselves with fears and certain stories that keep them small.
  • ● What people should know if they are interested in becoming a coach, and what is a good coach.
  • ● Why training is so important not only to get the education but also stand out amongst the other coaches in the market, and why certification is so important. 
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