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Badass Women at Any Age

Jun 9, 2020

Lisa Kohn is an accomplished leadership consultant, executive coach, author, and keynote speaker. She joins the show today to share her extraordinary story of being born and raised in a cult, and what skills she developed to heal, grow, and become an extremely accomplished leader. Lisa shares the details of her new memoir To the Moon and Back and connects the dots on how her upbringing now makes her a compassionate and understanding coach. We also talk about the crucial need for self-love and forgiveness to be the true badass we are meant to be. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • How Lisa transitioned from an unusual childhood to become such a professional businesswoman with accomplishments such as having 20 years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 clients, teaching as an adjunct professor at NYU and Columbia, and a published author including her new book To the Moon and Back. 
  • The powerful and intoxicating side of growing up in a cult and feeling as though you knew the truth, and you were there to spread it and help others through your message. 
  • More about The Unification Church and the Moonie Cult, and some of the beliefs that Lisa grew up with. 
  • Lisa’s time in college exposed her to new and different ideas, she speaks of the feelings of shame and the divide between what she felt and what she was taught. 
  • How Lisa found her own truth and embraced her past, present, and future instead of running away from it or trying to numb it. 
  • How her experience informs the work she is doing now with leaders at Fortune 500 companies. 



  • “The best seats I’ve ever had at Madison Square Garden was at my mother’s wedding.” 
  • “There is no drug as intoxicating as knowing you have the truth.” 
  • “I have crazy thoughts in my brain, but they are not me. It’s what I was taught.”
  • “I’m not damaged, I have damage. There is a very big difference.”  
  • “How is that workin’ for ya?” - Dr. Phil 



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To The Moon and Back 

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