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Badass Women at Any Age

Jun 30, 2020

Barbara Rose Brooker is a role model, activist for gendered ageism, poet, columnist, professor, and author. She and I talk about why aging is the new designer drug, and how we can understand ageism and start to dismantle it in all facets of personal and professional life. Barbara talks about her badass work so far including her books Love Sometimes and The Viagra Diaries and how we can get involved with the Age March, an event to celebrate all ages, races, sexualities, and genders. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Barbara started the Age March to bring awareness to ageism and invite people of all ages, races, sexualities, and genders to come together and support one another. The next one will be virtual on September 12. 
  • In ageism, we both covertly and overtly define people by their age and segregate them from the rest of society. 
  • We live in a culture where we define people by appearance and ignore the inner glow and development of powerful and badass women. Anti-aging advertising gives us a false sense of what it looks like to age and makes the younger generation scared to age. 
  • We tend to internalize all the agist assumptions and think we aren’t young enough, smart enough, pretty enough. This blocks or diminishes our success, and Barbara’s work actively combats these all too often repercussions. 
  • We need to first look at ourselves and our assumptions. When other people make comments, we can call it out. 
  • Comments against someone’s age often comes from a deep-rooted fear of not being accepted and becoming invisible during the aging process.  



  • “I don’t think age is a one size fits all.” 
  • “Age is not only a number. It’s who you are and how you feel about yourself in your own development.” 



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