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Badass Women at Any Age

Jul 21, 2020

Lori Sokol is a veteran journalist, author, and Executive Director of Women’s ENews, an award-winning digital news service that covers women’s perspectives on public politics and all crucial issues impacting women and girls around the world. Lori joins the show to talk about her badassery from an early age when she pushed back against patriarchy and became an outspoken journalist and thought leader. Lori shares what it was like raising a family, working, and earning her degree as an Educational Psychologist, and the inspiration behind her new book: She Is Me, available in stores this August.


What You Will Hear in This Episode:

  • Lori’s family was heavily structured in patriarchal ideology. They urged her to act in a way that wouldn’t upset men or make them leave, and one of the most successful things she could do in life was to marry rich. 
  • Lori’s dreams were much bigger, however, and she escaped and expanded her perspective by reading and writing. 
  • One of the badass women Lori discovered through reading and branching out was Gloria Steinem, someone with whom she is friends today and for whose mentorship and influence she is grateful for. 
  • Lori’s new book will be out in early August. She Is Me, focuses on how women will save the world and become even more successful and prosperous. She interviews other badass women to hear what struggles they have overcome on their way to the top. 
  • Badasses create their own opportunities. Lori was juggling business and a psychology degree with family before it was even called juggling. However, she always made her children a priority and knew their needs came first, no matter how busy she was. 
  • Even though we love our children, we need to respect that they are individuals with their own abilities, dreams, and challenges. 
  • Just telling our children how to act isn’t enough. We need to model the behavior for them. 
  • We need to fight for equality even if it doesn’t directly affect us. 
  • Lori is hopeful and sees things changing and continuing to move towards more action in eradicating ageism, racism, transphobia, etc.



  • “To me, failure was not an option.” 
  • “I always encouraged my children to be authentic, and I had to set that example as well.” 
  • “We do not own our children.” — Gloria Steinem 
  • “We need men to march alongside women when we march for Equal Rights as well.” 



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