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Badass Women at Any Age

Apr 20, 2021

Inspired by the example of her grandmother and the stories she heard about aging and limitations, Stephanie  O'Dell embarked on the journey of shifting focus from her 10 year career styling women to representing them.  Recognizing the lack of opportunity and representation for women over 50, Stephanie began a blog called Celebrate The Gray.  She realized the visuals and stories women are given as they age are messages of anti-aging vs pro-aging.  She knew something had to change.  After 10 years of fashion styling with Athleta and Stitch Fix Stephanie founded her Celebrate The Gray company, a full service agency for and about the 50+ woman.  Stephanie represents over 45 gray haired models and works with companies to use real faces and authentic stories of positive aging. She is passionate about updating the face of aging for the 50+ woman and showing the possibilities of positive aging working with brands like Athleta, Kikoko, Gennev, Revel.  Stephanie has been a speaker at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club, Gennev, YWCA, Rotary, interviewed on numerous podcasts (The Rant, Brand Fifty, Mean Magazine) and featured in local and national press (AARP “DIsrupt Aging”).   Stephanie hosts a bi-monthy speaking series “How She Revels” for Revel and is a featured podcast contributor for Brand Fifty,

What You Will Hear in This Episode

How and why Stephanie created her 50 plus agency.

Shaming, aging and normalizing and rewriting  the messaging around grey.

Brands and authentic representation.

Aspirational marketing, anti-aging messaging vs positive messaging.

The challenge of selling the concept of the power and importance of 50 plus woman.

Promoting the positive aspects of aging.

Ageism in the workplace and working towards embracing positive aging.

Jane Fonda

The effect of Stephanie’s mission and experience on her own life.

Shifting from focusing on the end goal to focusing on daily accomplishments.

Lifting limitations.


There is this power behind gray hair.”

“Gray equals old primarily for women…...Men are distinguished and women are old.” 

“We buy into the age denial.”

“You can’t be what you don’t see.”

“I’ve learned to be patient and believe in the path that I’m on.”

“Listen to what the universe is serving you.”

“If you’re doing something you are passionate about, stick with it and it will work out.”


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