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Badass Women at Any Age

Apr 27, 2021

Dr. Wendy Coren was determined from a young age to do things herself.  With a strong conviction of rejecting limiting beliefs and her passion for helping others, Wendy has spent many years focused on finding balance in her life and continues to do the same for others.  An equestrian amateur all her life, Dr Coren combined her love of horses with fitness and performance becoming a chiropractor in 1980, and certified in multiple animal methodologies since 1998 including AVCA ( American Veterinary  Chiropractic ).  In 2006 Wendy founded Equalign with her husband David Lundquist DC and son Dustin Coren DVM. Wendy currently resides in Florida and travels the world teaching, coaching, and aligning equestrian and canine athletes, two legged and four legged, with an emphasis  on fascia and mobility. She is the author of numerous books including recent releases on Equine and Canine mobility. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode

How Wendy’s lifelong love of animals influenced her transition from working as a chiropractor with humans to working with animals.

Gaining confidence through accidental experience.

Trust and cooperation, the relationship between a doctor and a patient.

Human practice vs. animal practice.

Lessons learned through practice.

The importance of process and questioning.

The effects of COVID on Wendy’s life and practice.

Tik tok and learning impactful ways to use social media.

Reducing fear and false limitations.

Finding balance and the ability to choose.


“It’s amazing how much they (animals) understand the difference between someone who is there for them and someone who is going to hurt them.”

“The process is more important than anything else.”

“Where you see a problem is generally not where the problem is, it’s where you’ve compensated.”

“We can interact and connect in a social media way without it being less authentic.”

“Intermittent craziness keeps you young.” 



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IG @equalignk9

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