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Badass Women at Any Age

Jun 1, 2021

Growing up on a dairy farm in Minnesota, Lea Stendahl wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do in life.  Having gained some digital knowledge during an internship in high school, Lea found her way in the early days of digitizing services and products when she volunteered to help bring the bank where she was working online.  This experience, coupled with her love of marketing, paved the way to Lea’s 20+ years in digital finance and was the foray into becoming an award winning and widely recognized leader in marketing and tech today.  As EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Suffolk, a revolutionary construction company, Lea is responsible for defining and implementing a strategic marketing vision aligned with the company’s ambitious growth goals. She has led the transformation of Suffolk’s marketing function by creating and executing an integrated, diverse marketing strategy that encompasses innovative branding, media, communications, digital marketing and promotional strategies.  Before Suffolk Lea was the CMO at E*TRADE where she defined and drove the brand and marketing initiatives through innovative campaigns, positioning the organization as the undisputed source for digital investing and training.  Under her leadership, E*TRADE deployed a fresh bold marketing and advertising approach that rejuvenated the iconic brand and earned a Gold Effie Award.  Prior to her CMO role at E*TRADE, Lea was a managing director of brand and marketing communications for td Ameritrade.  She is a member of Tech NYC which is an engaged network of strategic tech and business leaders working to foster a dynamic, diverse and creative New York.  Lea has been recognized for her marketing and branding vision and leadership and was recently named to Ad Week’s 50 most indispensable media marketing and tech players.  


What You Will Hear in This Episode

Lea’s origin story

Lea’s first job and first opportunity to apply her digital knowledge

Women in marketing vs Women in leadership in marketing.

Obstacles and the challenges of career change.

Developing her own narrative and leveraging her points of difference.

Humility, self awareness, listening and winning hearts and minds.

Being a different voice and opinion in the room.

Tips on building a successful career in a male dominated space.

Personal professional brand and value proposition.

Attracting, retaining and advancing more women in the construction industry.


“Everyday, I’m still learning and finding my way.”

“I was extremely purposeful in transitioning my brand.”

“Sometimes being a little bit different voice in the room can actually be an advantage as people instantly pay attention to something different.”

“Become the Chief Marketing Officer of yourself”

“Seek self reflection and an unbiased view of your own professional brand.”

“Self perception vs others perception can sometimes be greatly at odds.”


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The Politics of Promotion