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Badass Women at Any Age

Sep 28, 2021

An authentic Badass since birth, Leslie Ehm was taught by her mother to never be anything but her  authentic self.  Using this ethos to guide her steps, Leslie found fame as a TV host in the UK, but realizing fame wasn’t for her, she sought out her passion becoming an advertising Creative Director then training guru.  Leslie  has spent decades travelling the globe with her award-winning company Combustion, working with executives and teams from top organizations like Google, Disney, Pepsico, TD Bank, Uber, and more. She’s turned technologists into creative forces, bankers into storytellers, and has brought a serious dose of badassery to boardrooms everywhere.  Fuelled by her unrelenting passion for developing human potential, Leslie is now a Swagger Coach, speaker, and the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon #1 bestselling Author of Swagger – Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want. She’s been called “better than therapy,” “a rock star,” “ass-kicking,” “a force of nature” and even “a witch.” 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Leslie’s mom was a powerful role model encouraging her to be nothing but her authentic self from an early age.

The social challenges and growing pains of being your authentic self.

Leslie’s journey from music into television and exploring new opportunities to find your true passion.

Listening to and Ignoring your inner voice.

Redefining swagger - The ability to manifest who you really are and hold on to it in the face of all that psychological crap that’s going to come for it regardless of your situation or environment.

Legitimate confidence is rooted in competence.

Identifying the five swagger blockers people will encounter on their journey to swagger: persona, ambition, insecurities, fear, pain



“You cannot be for everyone in this life, you’ve gotta to find the people who you are for.”

“You cannot fake confidence.  You only can have legitimate confidence as a result of legitimate competence.”

“When I get to a place of confidence I want to be brave enough to move out of that in order to grow and change and evolve.”

“You do not need anything else other than what you already have.  The key is just believing it, accepting it, embracing it and using the crap out of it.  All of it, all of the mess.”



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