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Badass Women at Any Age

Nov 2, 2021

Working passionately to make a difference for all working women, Sarah Alter found her calling in the non-profit world after a successful career in the for-profit world.  Motivated by the passion and energy drawn from her experiences with other female leaders, Sarah knew she had found her why when NEW, the Network of Executive Women came knocking.  Sarah Alter is president and CEO of NEW, a non-profit learning leadership and gender equality advocacy organization of other 13,500 members representing nearly 900 organizations, over 300 national and regional corporate partners and 23 regional groups in the US and Canada. NEW advances gender equality and diversity across many industries including retail, consumer goods, financial services and technology.  Sarah joined NEW in 2017 and has wide ranging executive leadership experience in the market NEW represents.  During her tenure Sarah successfully expanded the scope of NEW ‘s mission to include advancing ALL women.  Under Sarah NEW has focused on supporting women of color, building male allyship, new generations coming into the workforce and most recently, how COVID 19 has impacted women in the workplace. Using cutting edge business practices and powerful DEI solutions, NEW has created real impact and under Sara’s leadership, continues to see significant growth in membership and partnerships.  Recognized by news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal as a voice of authority, NEW’s board includes executives from Target, P&G, Walmart, Google, Visa, Accenture, Coke, PepsiCo and Deloitte who provide diverse perspectives and financial support needed to go further faster.


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Sarah’s professional journey in the for profit world and experience with biases and discrimination as a precursor to NEW

Shesession, Shecovery and  Women’s advancement progress

The small cumulative things that impact women’s careers.

Embracing and building diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  

Inherent biases and culturally aware and sustainable systemic policies, practices, philosophies, metrics and incentives.

Enlightening male allies.


“People are going to bring different perspectives and you have to appreciate and respect them so long as you don’t cross that line of immorality or lack of integrity or ethics.”

“Your business will be exponentially more successful and sustainable if you embrace and build diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.”

“You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable” - unknown



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