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Badass Women at Any Age

Nov 9, 2021

As the only child of German immigrants, Sabrina Horn was raised with a mind set of never giving up. Infused with her parent’s survival instincts and entrepreneurial spirit,  she understood that her destiny was completely under her control.  Sabrina is an award-winning CEO, communications expert, and C-Suite advisor. She is also the bestselling author for Make It, Don’t Fake It: Leading With Authenticity For Real Business Success.  Sabrina’s career is highlighted by 25 years as founder, CEO, and President of the Horn Group, the iconic US tech communications agency she founded in Silicon Valley at the age of 29. Sabrina sold the Horn Group in 2015 to FINN partners, a global marketing agency, and was appointed managing partner of their technology practice. She is currently CEO of Horn Strategy LLC, a consulting firm focusing on helping entrepreneurs and CEOs navigate the early stages of their companies.

What You Will Hear in This Episode

Sabrina’s personal story and journey

What attracted her to the tech industry

Starting a business at 29

Life and career challenges along the way

The founder’s curse

Why authenticity is so important for a leader

The ugly side of procrastination

Important qualities for entrepreneurs and CEOs

Gender differences in leadership

Making a decision to fire abusive clients

Biggest lessons learned in life and career


“I was raised to believe that there’s no free lunch in life and that you make your own luck.”

“I always give myself permission to make mistakes and not to be always 150% every day because it’s impossible.”

“The phrase, fake it until you make it is the worst business advice ever.”

“Humility is such an underrated superpower of leadership.”



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