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Badass Women at Any Age

Jan 25, 2022

After finding herself in unexpected despair due to job loss and a recession in her 50’s, Elizabeth White wrote an essay that resonated with a large group of people in similar situations. Motivated by this discovery, she started researching and writing what would become a guide for aging.  Elizabeth White is the author of 55 Underemployed and Faking Normal, a book offering solutions for older adults facing uncertain work and financial security.  Elizabeth is a frequent guest blogger and speaker at conferences and workshops and has been named one of the top 50 influencers on aging in the country.  Her essays and work have appeared in publications like Barrons, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Market Watch, Next Avenue and the Washington Post.  She has been prominently featured in three segments on PBS  News Hour and her TedX talk has garnered over 1.9 million views.  She recently served as Special Advisor to the Executive Director at Senior Service America and before joining them she was Chief Operating Officer of a midsize NGO focused on improving the quality of life in Africa.  She served as  Senior Diversity Advisor to the CEO of the Calvert Group, a socially responsible investment firm based in Washington DC.  There she co-authored the Calvert Women’s Principles, the first global code of conduct for corporations focused exclusively on empowering and advancing women in the workplace.  Elizabeth earned an MBA from Harvard University, a Masters in International Studies form John Hopkins University and a Bachelors in Political Science from Oberlin College.  She began her career in international development at the World Bank where she was recruited through  the bank's highly prestigious young professional program.   What You Will Hear in This Episode:  Elizabeth’s personal journey and how she arrived where she is today.

The intersection of gender bias and ageism.

What we are doing wrong in planning for our future as women.

Why older women are not at the table of in companies.

Some of the things we need to do to protect our financial future.

Conversations and solutions on having a vibrant life on a modest income.

Shifting mindset.

Men’s challenges  vs. Women’s challenges.


“One of the things that surprise people is how young workplace age discrimination happens for women.”

“Every company needs to have a +50 strategy.”

“As women, we need to take control of our financial future.”

“We are not like our mothers and grandmothers. We are accustomed to speaking up and speaking out.”

“We need to advocate for each other.”



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