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Badass Women at Any Age

Feb 15, 2022

Pamela Weiss has always had journalism at the center of her creative heart. Inspired by Lucy Morgan and other award-winning journalists, Pamela followed her passion into journalism, focusing on character and the human interest aspect. Growing up in Florida and having foster siblings shaped her view of the world and her understanding of people from all walks of life and contributed to her success as a journalist, writer, speaker, producer, and entrepreneur. Pamela is an award-winning, multi-channel creative writer, producer, and storytelling entrepreneur. Through her company, Hold This While IP Productions, she's collaborated with top-flight professionals to shepherd heartfelt, funny, and transcendent human stories, focusing most often on stories and works of women who are over 50. Her work in progress includes a screenplay she wrote about women creating their own age-in-place future and the true story of a middle-aged reporter who became the first woman to earn a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. In 2022 she will be adapting a New York Times best-selling, menopause-themed novel and a feature screenplay adaptation of her recently released book about a women environmentalist. Pamela gives meaningful time to non-profit passions. She serves on the board of directors at, an organization devoted to disrupting homelessness in Silicon Valley, and is a trained volunteer crisis counselor and public speaker for, a 24/7 international text-based mental health support and crisis intervention organization. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Pamela's story of how she got to where she is today

Her first interaction with Lucy Morgan, the first female journalist to win the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting

The reason why Pamella decided to become a journalist

How Pamela's fascination with Lucy's work molds Pamela's journalism career path

Her observations on the difference between good journalism and great journalism

Pamela's journalism journey

Her experience working with The Boston Globe

What interested her in investigative journalism

Her experience at Harvard business school

What made her start writing female-forward stories about women

The reason why she focuses on women over 50 in her movies

What can women, especially those who are over 50, do to amplify the voices of other females



"Never tuck your creativity to the side. Always keep your creativity at the forefront, because it's what feeds your soul, what feeds your energy, and mindset."

"Focus on the process, and not the result. You have to find the joy in the process."

“Look for that one person who understands and believes in you and sees your potential. And then find the next person, and then find the next person and create your tribe."



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