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Badass Women at Any Age

Sep 20, 2022

As a shy girl growing up, Susanna wasn’t used to listening or following her own intuition. Susanna worked her way up the corporate ladder and helped organizations work through conflict, develop strategic plans and inspire their employees to be their best selves as an organizational development consultant, executive coach and mediator.  Going through a divorce and making the decision to take a leap, leaving her secure job and starting her own business, Susanna tapped into her own power and greatness.  She listened to her inner voice calling her to use this experience and skill set in a more personal and fulfilling way.  Today, as a personal coach for women, Susanna’s online course, blog, podcasts, social community and book called You are a Heroin: A Retelling of The Hero's Journey, touch thousands of women ready to hear their calling and take a leap toward the life they want. Susanna's clients are all real life heroines, finding the courage to set out on an adventure. She has dedicated herself to helping women learn to trust their own inner voice. It's not “father knows best” anymore,  it's every heroine knows best about herself, who she is and what she wants. 

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Susanna’s own heroine story
  • Following your own voice and your intuition
  • Recognizing and listening to your inner voice
  • Becoming an entrepreneur and the importance of 
  • Advice on overcoming a negative inner voice
  • How Susanna helps women with their confidence and authenticity
  • Lesson’s Susanna has learned about herself
  • Self judgment
  • The Hero’s Journey vs. The Heroine’s Journey
  • Why it’s important to see ourselves as the heroines of our own journey
  • Taking a leap.  Acknowledging and honoring the journey


“Everything that I have ever put out there in my book or in my workshops, is me teaching myself what I need to learn.”

“Calamity often is opportunity in disguise.” 

“I can do anything I set my mind to.
“The more you stretch out of the comfort zone, the  more you make the leap to go on a journey and listen to the threshold guardian voices and tell them to beat it, the stronger you get in the belief that you can do this.”

“I've learned to appreciate myself more and love myself more. “

“It is important to see ourselves as heroines of our own journey because it gives you a perspective of your life and who you are as something much more than you are realizing.

“You are here for a reason and the journey of its very nature of the challenges, the threshold guardians and the dragon brings out the extraordinary in you every time.”


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