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Badass Women at Any Age

Jan 17, 2023

Andrea Mein DeWitt loved her job as a teacher. Inspired by the coaching element of teaching, she identified her desires and true calling.  At age 50, Andrea  took a leap of faith after 30 years in the classroom and pivoted careers to become a life coach. Known for her infectious energy, Andrea is an author, speaker, and life coach who teaches high-performing leaders and others to see and step into their authentic lives. She is the CEO of Andrea DeWitt Advisors, where she coaches heart-centered working professionals. Before stepping into coaching full time, Andrea worked as a full-time educator for almost 40 years. Despite the expectations of "staying in your lane" Andrea made the badass decision to totally switch up her career completely. Andrea is a no-excuse go getter, and spends her days empowering other women to achieve the same, regardless of their age. 

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

2:14  Andrea’s personal journey

5:32  Andrea’s inspiration to cause the shift in careers

9:06  Defining a life well lived

10:41 Determining a true life well lived

13:28 Challenges in self-fulfillment

16:20 Questions to ask yourself

18:23 Facing your inner critic

24:45 Seeking a thought partner

26:45 Working with high performing leaders

29:21 Current trend of job quitting 


“I feel like I am proof really, that it's never too late and you're not too old to live your dream.”

“It’s important for people to really think about when they have callings. Those come from the gut, that comes from your authentic self, your spirit, and that you need to listen to that.”

“You can do anything you want to do. Just follow your gut and ask for helpers to help guide your way.”

“When we have scary things happen in our lives is when we really have the opportunity to find the truth within ourselves, and the fortitude to really take our power back.”

“Reframing is really about separating your ego and looking at the big picture.”

“A well-lived life is not perfect, but a well-lived life means that you know exactly where you are. You’re in touch and aligned with yourself, with your truth, and your authenticity.”

“We all have gifts to share and your job is not to keep those gifts, your job is to share those gifts with the world.”

“Replace fear with curiosity.”

“You cannot achieve great things if you listen to your inner critic.”


“Name, Claim and Reframe Your Path to a Well Lived Life” - Andrea Mein DeWitt

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