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Badass Women at Any Age

Apr 5, 2022

Paralyzed by her freedom of choice, Diana Place always felt the need to fulfill her sense of purpose.  Blessed with a successful, varied career path,  Diana took several leaps of faith throughout her journey that eventually led her to finding her purpose of connecting and inspiring women as they create their third acts of life.  Diana’s 40 year professional career includes a decade in Boston with a leading international ad agency and 10 year with AOL in the exciting early days of the internet that culminated in a role as senior VP.  She also started 3 entirely different entrepreneurial ventures, Dunbar Hunter and Associates,  Wonderblank photography and The Global Design Post, before launching Third Act Quest in 2019.   Early in 2019 amid a rare head cancer diagnosis, the necessary shut down of her business and preparing for her long dreaded empty nest, she was jolted off her path.  These disruptions gave her a flash of clarity and she realized what she was meant to do.  She found herself filled with deep gratitude, joy and a reignited passion for this next phase of her life and Third Act Quest was born.   Through her workshops, speaking event series, coaching and her new 333 collective Diana is living her passion, connecting and inspiring women while helping them reframe aging.  Inspired by the final line of Mary Oliver’s Poem, The Summer Day, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”, Diana asserts that our third acts can be the most exciting and meaningful chapters in our life story.

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Diana’s story

Leaps of faith

Defining success for yourself

Becoming a mother at 41 

Helping women  find clarity

The challenges of the aging process and the negative self beliefs

The meaning and  role of gratitude 

Life disruptions

Newfound strength and wisdom with age



“Our Third Act is not the ending or a decline.”

“I never fit a mold.”

“After we live on this planet for 50+ years, embedded in our hearts is an inner gps that’s a blend of our wisdom, experiences, values and passions and you know it when you’re doing the right thing for you.”

“Wisdom is powerful.”


333 Collective

Mary Oliver

The Bell Jar

Gendered Ageism Survey Results

Forbes article

5 Tips to own the superpower of your age

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