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Badass Women at Any Age

Feb 9, 2021

Power Mom Joann Lublin developed a love for writing and journalism at an early age.  In 1969, while in college,  Joann participated in a Newspaper Fund internship program that became the catalyst for her career with the Wall Street Journal.  Her experiences having to balance a demanding career and raising a family inspired her to write her newest book, Power Moms: How Executive Mothers Balance Work and Life.  As a power mom and journalist,  Joann researched and interviewed 86 executive mothers, including CEOs and entrepreneurs plus 25 daughters of boomer generation ones. The executives worked at some time in their careers for a company with at least $100 million in annual revenue. These interviews highlighted the similarities and differences of power moms over decades.  Joann is the former management news editor for the Wall Street Journal. She created the Journal’s first career advice column and wrote it until 2020. She shared its 2003 Pulitzer Prize for stories about corporate scandals as well as her 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Gerald Loeb Awards, the highest honor in business journalism. Her first book, published in 2016, is

Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business

World. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with honors from Northwestern

University and a master’s degree from Stanford University. She lives in suburban



What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Joann’s love of writing and early journalism experience

Being a journalist vs being an author 

The inspirations and methods behind her books.

The refusal to accept the status quo as a career woman and a mother.

Major differences between power moms in the past century and today.

Tips on dealing with mom guilt and the importance of self care.

Marriage contracts either legal or spoken.

GenX mother’s unapologetic and entitled mindset.  

The mental load.

3  lessons younger women can learn from their mothers  

Parenting lessons that are applicable in the workplace.



“Manager moms are not acrobats.”

“GenX moms have a much greater sense of entitlement. They know they’ve earned the right to be in senior management, they’ve earned the right to be executives and to be accepted as parents who have equally strong commitments and obligations to their family as they do to their careers and they are not mutually exclusive options.”

“Empathy is, not only understanding what one is going through but listening for the feelings as well.”


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