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Badass Women at Any Age

Dec 29, 2020

Charlotte Tovar attributes her success from breaking the status quo and then kicking ass by doing your best work. She is originally from Colombia and studied finance in the US.  Helping launch a startup IT company after graduation, she quickly realized she needed to realign her focus.  Shifting from IT to finance, Charlotte began working  in management consulting,  focusing almost immediately on energy clients where she led transformation initiatives and launched marketing loyalty programs in new countries.  Having always worked for traditional oil and gas companies, Neste caught her attention.  She was immediately drawn to the cleaner, greener, mission at Neste.  She was vocal about her interest in joining the company, so when the opportunity presented itself, she accepted.  At Neste, Charlotte manages the strategy team for North America and looks at new markets, new products, new concepts to launch.  Charlotte lives in Houston with her fiancé Chris and their puppy Harvey, who was named after the hurricane that left them trapped together for 5 days.

What You Will Hear

  • Recognizing your journey and being unaware of your accomplishments in the moment.
  • Charlotte’s upbringing and education.
  • Falling into the tech world and the conscious decision to walk away to pursue consulting focused on energy.
  • Navigating  through a highly male dominated industry and the reality, for women, of balancing a career and personal development.
  • The active choices women have to make when trying to establish a career and a family.
  • Finding a healthy balance.
  • Tips for women who don’t acknowledge the desires they want for their career.
  • The phrases that marginalize women.
  • Elevating badass women in general.


  • “There should not be a point where women have to choose between their work and personal life.”
  • “Breaking the status quo is something you have to be very open about.”
  • “You have to vocalize to the right people the changes that you want.”
  • “In a meritocracy, acknowledging someone because they’re a badass.”
  • “It takes having strong champions.”