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Badass Women at Any Age

Jun 21, 2022

In her 40s, Jeanette Leardi sequentially and simultaneously became the primary caregiver to both her parents.   The traumatic experience was life changing for Jeanette.  Astonished at how poorly older adults are viewed in our society, Jeanette decided to go back to school and learn what aging is about.  Jeanette is a social gerontologist, educator, writer, editor, public speaker, and aging wellness leader who has a passion for older adult empowerment and finds special personal fulfillment, helping boomers and older generations identify and share their wisdom with others. Jeanette's decade of experiences as the primary caregiver to both of her parents inspired her career goals of changing the perceptions about the aging process and helping people appreciate elders' inherent dignity, wisdom and unique value as mentors and catalyst for social change. She accomplishes this through her publications and successful presentations classes in journalism, spiritual writing, memoir, writing, brain fitness, health literacy, age-ism, intergenerational communication, creativity, and caregiver support to all people of all ages. Jeanette's publishing experiences include positions at Newsweek, Life, People, Conde Nast, Traveler, Sesame Street magazines, and the Charlotte Observer. She has a masters degree with honors in English, from Rutgers university and a graduate certificate in gerontology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte..

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Jeanette’s personal story.
  • Having an advocate and being your own advocate.
  • Age and gender bias in healthcare.
  • The U curve of happiness.
  • Treatment and effects of certain drug interactions.
  • Advice on being your own advocate.  6 point  H.E.A.L.T.H. 
  • Vetting gereatric care doctors.
  • Enlisting a care partner.
  • Things to know about the aging process.
  • Changing perceptions towards aging.


“Even though doctors and nurses try to give person centered care, a lot of times they're unable to because of the system that they work under pressures them in their time.”

“To be our own advocates, we need to speak up when we, when our needs are being met or when we have questions that aren't being answered, we need to advocate for ourselves.”

“Noncompliance can really affect your health. If you don't take the medicine in the way that it's prescribed, that can affect you.”

“Aging is a natural process. we're supposed to do it. It's natural.” 

“We can't help being ageist because we are inundated with all kinds of negative messages all the time, all around us.”

“Research has found that the most productive work teams are the ones that are intergenerational.”

“​​What's good for any subpopulation is probably good for the entire population.” 



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