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Badass Women at Any Age

Jan 19, 2021

MJ Munsell had an early role model, her entrepreneurial grandmother, an independent woman who had her own shop where MJ would work and hang out. Her grandmother inspired her to stand on her own and pursue her professional dreams. An award-winning strategist, MJ has spent over three decades studying consumer behaviors and mentoring the next generation of designers. In her role as Chief Creative Officer, she champions human-centered design across MG2’s diverse markets to craft meaningful solutions for clients. Throughout her career, she’s collaborated with brands like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Hyatt to create unforgettable experiences. When she’s not dreaming up novel spaces, MJ can be found enjoying music festivals or exploring urban landscapes in search of inspiration and the perfect cappuccino

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • MJ’s personal journey, passion and success from interior design to Chief Creative Officer in an architecture firm.
  • MJ’s grandmother’s positive influence and example as a strong, honest, forthcoming entrepreneur.
  • The necessary elements of success other than good work. 
  • Building your network through relationships.
  • Becoming a leader and owning it.
  • Coaching your team and others to build their confidence
  • The difference between men and women’s confidence in a corporate setting.
  • Solutions for career longevity for women trying to navigate career and family.
  • Post Covid adaptations for workplace success.


  • “The reality is it takes more than the hard work.”
  • “My personal goal was to work with people that I admire.”
  • “There is a need for confidence in yourself as a leader.”




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