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Badass Women at Any Age

Oct 4, 2022

As a little girl, Elena Paweta was shy and afraid to speak up.  Finding herself in a teaching position and faced with the task of speaking publicly, Elena focused on honing her skills as a public speaker.  Over the years, this purposeful work coupled with her passion for helping people led her to her purpose, helping others strengthen their public speaking skills and to share their ideas openly and confidently. Her story is one of transformation.  Dr Pawęta is an executive communication coach, speaker, TEDx organizer and university professor. Elena conducts courses, training and workshops on effective communication and business presentations on an international scale with an extensive list of high profile clients. Elena, the host of the "IDEAS+LEADERS" Podcast, has coached over 3,000 people from 30+ countries and is a certified trainer and coach by Dale Carnegie training.   A passionate mom of 2, she is also an ardent leader in the Non-profit space as a TEDx organizer for 8 years, organizing live and online events reaching over 40 000 people in total; and previously as a District Director in Toastmasters International for 5 different European countries and responsible for 2,000 organization members.  

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Elena’s personal story and mission

Effective communication and its biggest challenges

Process of figuring out how to best communicate with someone else

Gender differences in effective communication

TEDx and women

What makes a great speaker

How to become a TEDx speaker


“One of the main pillars of effective communication is understanding that it is not about you. It is about the person that you're speaking to and what value do you want to give them.”

“With one-on-one communication, it is so important to actually see the person and of course, ask questions, see what they're interested in, what is their goal.”

“We (women) need to sit at the table to actually raise our voice and speak up in order to be heard.”

“I think that the great speaker is speaking to our hearts.”

“If a speaker is able to combine an idea with a great delivery then the speech is going to be perfect.”






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