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Badass Women at Any Age

Apr 12, 2022

Boldly and unapologetically letting the world know about gendered ageism, Siobhan Daniels is inspiring women to step out of their comfort zone and follow their retirement dreams. By her mid 50’s Siobhan felt burnout whilst  battling with menopause symptoms and facing ageism and bullying at work.  Feeling broken, she found herself sobbing in a bathroom at work, realizing she needed a change.  Acting on that need,  Siobhan took a year and backpacked, solo, around the world.  This remarkable trip changed her forever and she began to develop her plan to one day travel the United Kingdom in a motorhome.  In 2019,  Siobhan  took early retirement, sold her belongings, bought a motorhome and embarked on a trip around Great Britain.  Retired from the BBC after a 30 year career as a reporter, presenter and producer in local news, Siobhan overcame many challenges including working full time as a single mom.   She now passionately champions positive aging, constantly calling out ageism and ageist stereotypes and refusing to accept the narrow stereotypes of retired women.  Siobhan uses her blog, instagram, published articles, public speaking activities and soon to be published book, to challenge and change the narrative around aging.  Since embarking on this journey, Sobhian has had to face her fears, weather severe storms and of course the pandemic.   This has also made her feel more alive than ever, in control, at one with nature and totally inspired to get her message of the importance of embracing aging out to young and old.    What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Siobhan’s story
  • Societal pressure around aging.
  • Cross generational discussions about aging.
  • Ageist assumptions that hold us back.
  • Older role models.
  • Traveling in a motorhome.
  • Finding an audience for her message.
  • Changing the narrative and the outlook at an early age
  • Advice 
  • Siobhan’s book


  • “I love being old and I love showing that old is good and old can be fun.”
  • “I’ve lived, I’ve laughed and I’ve loved and I’ve earned those wrinkles, I’m proud of them.”
  • “Kindness is a strength.”
  • “Somedays I do nothing but just take in my surroundings.”
  • “Don’t limit yourself in what you can do.”


Instagram, twitter @shuvonshuvoff

LinkedIn @SiobhanDaniels

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