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Badass Women at Any Age

Jan 3, 2023

Diane Armitage learned early in her career that she was the creator of her own success.  Diane took a leap of faith by quitting her full-time job, following her dreams and jumping into entrepreneurship.  She found success by focusing on living life with intention, purpose and actionable faith. 30 years ago Diane was a brand new entrepreneur who had absolutely no idea what she was doing but then came across what she calls “The Epic Switch” and everything changed. She's been nicknamed the Creator to Creators, the Secret Weapon and the Millionaire Maker by clients like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, and many of the secret teachers that she's written, advised, strategized, and created with for decades. Her digital marketing agency has created more than $90 million in success stories for the above clients as well as entities such as, The, Remax International and Patagonia. She now consults, mentors and teaches an enlightened millionaire proven strategy to women, primarily, who are at every level of business from the wannabe entrepreneur to the woman in life transition, to women business owners, and C-suite leaders.

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

2:15 Diane’s personal story

4:18 Benefits of being mentored by Bob Proctor

6:33 Embracing and believing in one self

11:03 Building new paradigms

16:46 Doing the work.  Self reflection and auto suggestions

20:01 Leap taken

24:24 Fear, acting in faith and self discovery

29:25 Defining success

33:33 Making goals vs vision board


“It really is about remembering who we are, not about finding ourselves.”

“It takes conscious effort to be internally focused. “

“Anytime that you create change in your world the ripples move across the world in so many big ways.”

“You're the only being that' There’s no duplication of you. There's a reason why you're here and nobody else in the history of the world will do what you do and be who you are on this planet. So what do you wanna do with that?”

“When you get into the habit of giving yourself a suggestion to yourself, from yourself, that's uplifting, that's empowering, that's growth oriented. Everything changes in your world.”

“The more you think on the fear, the larger the fear becomes.” 

“ I really fully believe that anytime you have faith and trust, even just a little bit, it all comes around you to ensure that it happens for you.”

“The spirit voice is usually quieter, but it's confident. feels good. I like following that voice.”

“Success is the progressive realization of your worthy ideal.” - Earl Nightingale

“Once you take the steps you only need to see a few feet in front of you” - Jack Canfield

“Move forward with the initial step of what you have with the one thing you've got and let the rest come together for you. It's a lot less work than working hard.”


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