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Badass Women at Any Age

Aug 30, 2022

Getting an early start working in marketing and PR, Esther Weinberg gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both fields. Working for media companies and reaching senior executive status at Disney in her early 30s, Esther found her true passion and purpose as a coach, helping companies scale, grow and succeed. Esther is a business growth accelerator that equips executives in high-growth industries to create big pivots, big impact, and big return. She is the founder and chief leadership development officer for the Ready Zone, which helps clients grow, scale, and thrive in the worst and best of times. Her clients include Netflix, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Discovery, CNN, Adobe, and Disney. Esther is a regular contributor to Forbes and a member of the Forbes coaches council. This year Esther and her wife launched the Being Me Foundation with a mission to create breakthroughs through global ontological coaching and leadership programs that redefine diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for LGBTQ+ young adults. 

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

- Esther’s personal journey and how she’s arrived where she is today

- Starting in marketing and moving to publicity

- Passion for entertainment

- Working for Fox

- On the ground marketing and publicity

- Moving from New York to L.A.

- Confidence and finding your why

- Discovering executive coaching and starting her business

- International development and moving to Uganda

- Self-agency

- The inspiration for the Being Me Foundation

- Greatest challenges

- Being Me’s approach; focusing on the observer


“If I constantly think about all the people in line to get the job, it will completely debilitate me and I will never get the job.”

“When I look at things, sometimes I say to myself, well, where is the way, not where's the no way, but where is the way?” 

“I took myself on a trip to Asia for five weeks. And I remember arguing with a monk, you know, you're at a crisis in your life when you're arguing with a monk about what life looks like and the impermanence of life.”

“The one thing that people want is human dignity no matter what job you're in, no matter where you are on the planet, and that's something that my job and my life in Uganda taught me.

“In order to feel ready and powerful, to take on all the opportunities and challenges at your feet, you need to create workplace cultures where trust, respect, and psychological safety are not just valued, but they’re as measured as the bottom line.”

“We're seeing the world a certain way, but once we're awakened and if we have just enough and it doesn't take that much, level of curiosity, things can change dramatically just dramatically.”


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