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Badass Women at Any Age

Jun 7, 2022

Eleanor Beaton learned at an early age that money is power from her mother who told her, “Money is power, always make your own.”  Influenced by her mother’s words,  Eleanor became a business owner but lost her ambition after her father died in 2014.  Doing the bare minimum and eventually  ceasing to run her business, Eleanor turned to journaling as an outlet to deal with her grief.  Through her journaling and self evaluation, she eventually decided to take the leap of starting Safi Media, an education and coaching company for women entrepreneurs with the mission of helping women unlock their leadership and entrepreneurial potential.  As an entrepreneur and an award winning journalist, Eleanor was personally asked by Canada's Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, to give economic advice at the World Economic Recovery program in 2021.  Eleanor has given talks at Yale School of Management, the Professional  Business Women’s Association of California, ACC foundation, Shio and many more.   Safi Media is committed to advancing global gender equity through women's entrepreneurship and is on a mission to double the number of women entrepreneurs who scale past 1 million dollars in revenue by 2030.

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Eleanor’s personal story

The effects of Eleanor witnessing her mother’s power and disempowerment.

Losing her father and the constellation of emotions and shift of family dynamic.

The conflict of relief and guilt.

Evaluating  expectations and true self.

Journaling leading to Safi Media.

Storytelling structure and dissent into the dark feminine.

Processing grief individually and collectively.

Practical support vs. emotional support.

Willingness to be successful and scaling.

The power of words


“Even inside a marriage and a family that is very healthy in many ways, economic disempowerment can be incredibly painful.”

“Money is power, always make your own.”

“A part of how you define yourself is often in relation to other people.”

“Dissent into the dark feminine: who we are and what we really want is so critical for women.”

 “Grief and Loss and necessary endings provide a sort of creative fuel for so many of us.”


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