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Badass Women at Any Age

Sep 13, 2022

Being a good girl was a major part of Eileen Greene’s upbringing.  What she recognized as she got older was that the messaging she had absorbed growing up was wrapped in negativity.  Recognizing that these internalized messages were completely contrary to the person she truly wanted to be, Eileen embarked on a journey that led her to unlocking her true self and in turn gave her the tools to help others do the same.  Eileen will inspire you to have a fulfilling life and career, regardless of your chronological age. She's an empowered and fearless woman who strongly believes that there's no age to achieve your goals and dreams.  After raising three sons,  Eileen went on an unrelenting campaign to educate herself and experience life to the fullest.  She's one of the first people to be certified in NLP by Tony Robbins. She is a TedX speaker.  Eileen has lectured about sex at high schools for Planned Parenthood.  She is a certified hypnotherapist.  She was bar mitzvahed.  She received her Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology at the age of 75 and completed a two year program in volunteer work from University of Judaism. To top it off,  she is also certified in interior design. Now at the age of 93, Eillen is an active life coach using hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic methods to help her clients.

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Eileen’s personal story 
  • Growing up with a lot of integrity but a lot of negative messaging
  • Helping people through hypnotherapy
  • How Eileen evolved and unlocked herself  
  • Messages we consciously or subconsciously absorb
  • Rewriting your script and the power of the words “I Am” 
  • The ability and challenge of forgiveness
  • Breathing 
  • Lessons learned about self
  • The common theme in Eileen’s life
  • Advice for women to pursue their goals and dreams regardless of age


“It’s never too late until it is.”

“ I realized that I wanted to give back and I realized that wasn't happy the way I was internalizing things. So I found the need to rewrite the script.”

“Negativity is a poison the brain feeds the body and by saying certain words you are reinforcing the negativity.  So it is necessary to rewrite the script.”

“It’s really important to give forgiveness to yourself and to others.”

“Love is so important. Acceptance is so important. Not everybody is what you want them to be.”

“The important thing is to want to improve yourself."


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