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Badass Women at Any Age

Oct 27, 2020


Best selling author Jessica Buchanan survived a life altering, harrowing experience.   After being abducted and held for ransom by a group of Somali pirates, Jessica survived 93 days under deplorable conditions before being rescued by SEAL Team Six of the United States Navy Elite Special Forces Unit.  Jessica now speaks on resilience and overcoming impossible odds through the lens of navigating change.  She’s a family support liaison for Hostage US, as well as a dedicated ambassador for the Navy Seal Foundation which helps to support families of fallen Navy Seals.


What You WIll Hear in This Episode

  • Jessica’s experience living in Somalia and working with the Danish demining group heading up their education department.
  • Her October 25, 2011 abduction and the life changing 93 days she was held hostage by somali pirates.
  • What survival meant and the skills she honed that helped her navigate and even build a strange rapport with her captors.
  • The effects and aftermath of the kidnapping experience on her life after being rescued
  • How hostage negotiations work.
  • The events of the night in January of 2012 when Jessica and her co-worker, Paul, were rescued.
  • The fundamental way the experience changed Jessica and dealing with the trauma
  • Tapping into your own Badassery
  • How the experience and grief re-routed her life’s journey
  • Jessica’s passion for teaching and how she uses her experience and her story to teach people how to navigate through change as well as how to identify when things need to change.



  • “I thought that there was only one hero in the story…...I realized, I’m a hero in this story too.”
  • “The weight of  trauma doesn’t change, it’s just your ability to carry it that changes it.”
  • “Big significant change that thrusts itself upon you is an invitation to collaborate.  You can either fight against it or collaborate with it.”
  • “I don’t have to worry about the worst thing that could happen”
  • “It’s official, we’ve been kidnapped by the world’s dumbest pirates”
  • “Really understanding how to navigate change is fundamental to our mental health, well being and to being professionally successful


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