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Badass Women at Any Age

Jun 28, 2022

After a 25 year successful career in technology, Margo Brown decided to pursue her passion of being a singer. Quitting her job and setting a year long goal, Margo reached her goal one day before the year mark, landing a paying gig as a singer.  Singing professionally for the past 12 years, Margo has appeared at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Don't Tell Mama and the Metropolitan Room in New York City.  Margo also appears in various nightclubs, theaters and private venues across the country.  She is the winner of Broadway World's Best Debut in 2018 for her show Margo sings Mercer.  In addition to singing, Margo is an award-winning professional dancer.  She acts in commercials, TV shows and movies.  She has  appeared in Burn Notice, Graceland, Bloodlines, The Glades and Rock of Ages. 

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Margo’s personal journey
  • Inspired by Marilyn May and Jeff Harner 
  • Creating Margo Sings Mercer
  • The music industry across the country
  • Licensing music
  • Being told no
  • Greatest challenges
  • Schedule and exercise
  • Advice for women on pursuing your dream
  • Ageism


“At 25, you don't have the fear of the future. You just get up and do.”

“I've been told no more times, and I just keep picking myself up, dusting myself off and going forward because nobody else is gonna do it for me.”

“You don't have to be tough as nails to get ahead in this world.”

“Please and a thank you and a thank you note and promptness go a long way.”


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