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Badass Women at Any Age

Jul 11, 2023

After losing her husband to a heart attack at the age of 46, Francine Russo began a 10 year quest to find a partner.  When history repeated itself and she lost her second husband, she followed the same pattern, omitting the mistakes she had made the first time around.  Combining what she learned from her experiences, career and love for relationships and psychology, Francine embarked on a journey to help people over 50 find love.  Francine Russo is the author of Love after 50 and They’re Your Parents, Too!  Armed with a PhD in English literature, she became a journalist focusing on psychology, relationships and social trends. And she’s made her mark. Having cut her teeth at the late lamented Village Voice, she’s gone on to write for virtually every publication from the Atlantic to The New York Times. She covered the Boomer beat at Time magazine for over a decade, and her cover stories have appeared on Parade and Scientific American and New York Magazine. A dynamic and polished presenter, she is in great demand as a keynote speaker.  Francine has two grown children, three adult stepchildren and eight amazing grandkids. She has experienced first-hand the tremendous potential we all have to grow and transform ourselves with the people we love. She lives in New York with her partner.


 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

1:50 Francine’s personal story

3:50 Persistence and sudden loss

7:50 Lessons learned about herself through life and career

9:50 relationships, psychology and Love After 50

12:15 Most important thing women should know about dating after 50

19:30 Habits, stepping out of your comfort zone and baggage

25:16 Common mistakes when dating and tips on how to avoid them

31:10 Issues around sex and intimacy 



“I learned to endure the pain, to live with it and to get through it……I learned that I could survive pretty  much anything and that I was stronger than I had realized and that I am strong.“

“People have to unload their baggage….We can look at it as something that’s part of our past. that we have lived through and learned from and  are now at a place where we dont need to rely on that baggage anymore.”

“it's perfectly okay if you are done with sex and you're not interested, as long as you find a partner, and there are plenty of men as well as women who really just wanna cuddle and hold hands and sleep in each other's arms, and that's ok. Whatever you need, as long as you work it out with your partner.”

“Women who are older have far more options about the way they wanna have a relationship.”



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