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Badass Women at Any Age

Sep 27, 2022

Living a life wrought with challenge and heartbreak, Ferlie Almonte chose to rise above it all and take control of her own destiny.  Making her mess her message, Ferlie has documented and shared her journey through breast cancer to help other women through their journeys. Ferlie lights up every stage with her gregarious personality and energy while delivering  inspirational edutainment.  She motivates, educates and entertains focusing on  her resilient, confident and magnificent living. Ferlie is an Amazon international bestselling author of several books.  She is also  a TV and podcast host and is in the process of launching a global movement to help turn breast cancer warriors into winners.

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Ferlie’s personal story
  • Cancer diagnosis and documenting/sharing her path of healing
  • The power of knowledge and self advocacy
  • Staying in a place of gratitude
  • Making her mess her message
  • The key to resilience
  • The power of gratitude and our mindset
  • What kind of support women with breast cancer need
  • Warriors to Winners
  • TITS Together Inspiring Terrific Solutions


“I have the power to change my destiny.”

“If you don't like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Angelou

“Even through our dark moments, you can still bring light to others.”

“You'll never know how strong you are until to be strong is your only choice.“

“When we impact others, influence others in a positive way, it flows back to us too.”

“What I notice about myself is the more that I empower others, the more service I give, the more I'm fueled, because it just brings me joy knowing that whatever it is that I am doing is actually exponentially affecting others like a ripple effect.”

“The more you can get engaged in a more intelligent conversation with your doctors. The better it is for you because now you know that you are in control, some way, somehow of where it goes.”

“We women, if we can lift one another, we can all win in life. We can all live resilient and confident lives.”


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