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Badass Women at Any Age

Aug 23, 2022

Raised in a home of contradiction, Carrie-Ann Barrow reached a point in life where she decided she was done with the ideologies that society and her parents impressed upon her.  Influenced by the example of strong women she knew, Carrie-Ann took a deep dive into her own life and tapped into her own power and greatness, unleashing the queen she is today.  Carrie Ann is a dynamic force determined to help women discover their dreams and live with unshakable confidence at every stage of their lives. She transforms the way women think about themselves, empowering them to re-imagine what's possible and make their boldest visions real. She does this both in her writing and coaching.   Her book, The Queen's Decree, is an Amazon number one bestseller, where she shares her personal story, as well as stories from women she's coached, who have learned to declare and live their greatness.  Her message is, “You can reclaim your power to choose at any age.”.  She challenges women to honor and prioritize themselves and bring out their inner queen, which I call inner bad-ass.

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Carrie-Ann’s personal story
  • Message to women
  • Pivotal points 
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Self care and owning your crown
  • Relationships and healing
  • Difference between happiness and fulfillment
  • Tips for women on learning to own their power and live their greatness. 
  • What hold women back from owning their greatness
  • Internal and external obstacles
  • Hiring a personal coach
  • Challenges in a woman’s career and life


“There comes a point in life where as a woman, have to say, you're done. With the bullshit. What are the choices in front of you most important to you and let's fight for those things.”

“My message to women is to really know makes you tick what's most important to you and not what you've adopted from home, not what you've adopted from society, but it do a deep dive. 

“People can change, even our parents.”

“Happiness is that fleeting moment, but fulfillment is being right where you're meant to be and where purpose and action meet.”

“Surround yourself with other incredible women who are going to lift you up.  Another thing is be so careful with your self-talk and really pay attention to that.”

“Know your legal rights, know who you should talk to, know the power of social media, know the power of editorials, know what you need to do to retain your power because the world will try to take it away.” 

“If you're going to be confident, if you're going to know who you are, you have to do that deep dive first. What is most important to you? What is that vision for your life and how are you going to achieve it?”

“Our value doesn't decrease with each birthday by any means.”


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