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Badass Women at Any Age

Dec 27, 2022

After a nearly fatal head-on collision at the age of 18, Julia Nicholson began her healing journey and her adult life in search of approval and acceptance.  Realizing after 2 children and a 5 year marriage that her search needed to be within herself instead of outside, Julia began the process of healing with her trauma and putting herself first.  In this episode Julia Nicholson discusses the topic of grief through her own personal experiences of trauma and loss, and how she learned to move forward.  Julia is a former CEO, Executive Leadership Expert, Business Consultant, and adjunct professor of Business. She has also faced an inordinate amount of adversity in her life. In the span of 15 years, she went from almost losing her life and leaving an abusive marriage that led her to being a single mother of two young children, to being the CEO of a 450 million dollar company. She now brings her expertise and passion to organizations and conferences across the country.  Julia is also the author of the book, Move Forward Stronger: A Dynamic Framework to Process Change, Loss and Grief and has also presented a TedX Talk, “The Way We Think About Loss and Grief is Dead Wrong.” 

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • 02:12 Julia’s personal connection to grief
  • 07:15 Making it to the C-Suite
  • 13:33 Coping with suicide of a loved one
  • 17:20 Five Stages of Grief
  • 19:36 Avoidance and how it impacts the process of coping with grief
  • 24:36 Making that first step to move forward
  • 26:44 Conventional Wisdom
  • 26:44 Separating what has happened to you and your feelings/emotions towards them
  • 27:14 Framing Theory


“We are much kinder and loving to other people in our life many times than we are to ourselves.”

“The progress not only in your career, but in your healing is never linear.”

“Putting yourself first. And what you need isn’t selfish, it's survival.”

“It is valuable to embrace and to own what you have experienced.”

“You are not successful in spite of what you’ve experienced, you’re successful because of what you’ve experienced.”

“You can carry all of the positive memories and all of the wonderful things in a manner that is healthy and productive for you as opposed to destructive.”


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Conventional wisdom

Framing Theory

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