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Badass Women at Any Age

Sep 19, 2023

Through a series of life altering events, Lisa DeAngelis learned how to masterfully fuse work and passion in her life.  Recognizing that she could live the life she wanted based on the choices she made, gave Lisa the motivation, resilience, and power to show up as her most authentic self every step of the way.  Lisa is a holistic change practitioner.  She's an author, teacher, and speaker. She's passionate about building meaningful relationships and helping others live authentically. Her debut book, embracing the Unknown, Exploring the Pathways to Change, offers research, wisdom and inspirational stories, which will empower and support others in learning to navigate change in their own lives. Lisa's own unfolding journey has established her commitment to living with intention and purpose and helping others walk through the meaningful intersections of their lives. An avid traveler, singer, and lover of the arts, Lisa lives and works in New York City.


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

 2:31 Lisa’s personal story

7:45 Self realizations Lisa has experienced throughout her journey

15:37 Why people resist change. Fear 

22:45 Successfully navigating through change.  Adaptability, resilience and courage

28:10 Growth mindset, limiting beliefs and authenticity



“ Fear is a momentary reaction and we can use the data in our environment to remind us that it is just a moment in time. “

“​​The brain is brilliant. It's a brilliant system that hones in on what skills are most needed for the situations you find yourself most in.”

“There are always opportunities to learn new things and there are always opportunities to learn from some of our missteps and our failures that will help us move forward.”

“Each time we are willing to go outside of the scope of what we already know, It opens and deepens us a little bit more.”

“A piece of learning is also figuring out what we need to unlearn.”

“Sometimes not getting to where I thought I wanted to go, actually allowed me to get to where I needed to be”



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