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Badass Women at Any Age

Nov 22, 2022

Growing up, Jennifer Szpigiel always had an admiration for confident women.  As a young mom walking away from a career in marketing,  it became evident that her own lack of confidence was related to body image and the pressures of societal expectations.  Finding confidence through her own creativity and some deep healing work, Jennifer was determined to live by example by investing in herself and her  dream to help women find their confidence.  From a marketing career to a stay at home mom to a successful entrepreneur, Jennifer is a certified health coach, certified life coach, and a business and lifestyle mentor.  With the mission to shift the paradigm and eradicate sacrificial living for women, she has created multiple seven figure businesses, memories made all over the world, and a radical responsibility for how she spends her days.


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

01:28  Jennifer’s journey

04:19 The perception confident women

09:15 Setting goals and owning your ambition 

15:44  Greatest challenges and overcoming them

21:08  Advice 

26:27  Challenges new entrepreneurs face

30:13  Confidence boosting behavior



“We have to look in the mirror because we can’t look forward and we can't look back. We're blazing a trail.”

“One of the things I hold myself to a standard, a value, a must in my day, is to be a living example that you do not have to sacrifice  anything to have ultimate fulfillment in all areas of your life.”

“When you spend time alone and in quiet and in solitude, it's amazing what you can realize.”

“It's really making great decisions, loosening your grip, and allowing life to surprise and delight you.”

“The internet is loud.  A lot of what we're seeing is embellished, exaggerated, and not in fact, true.”

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday and how you are moving  the needle forward for yourself or your business because that's all we can ask.”

“A great friend is someone who knows all about you, but likes you anyway.”

“Badass women find other badass women to support,  to listen to them and brainstorm with.

That's how we learn. That's how we grow and that's how we thrive.”



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