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Badass Women at Any Age

Sep 8, 2020

Kathy Caprino is a career and executive coach, speaker, and author of several pieces including her latest book, The Most Powerful You. She joins me this week to discuss the complicated relationship women have with power, the largest power gaps she has identified from her research, and what women can do to identify and heal them. Kathy shares practical ways women can move more towards meaningful work and away from toxic cultures that promote bad behavior. If you want to add some more badass into your life, let’s dive right in!

What You Will Hear in This Episode:

  • Why our childhood teaches us who to be, but that isn’t a lifelong sentence that means we can’t learn and grow to our highest potential.    
  • What Kathy learned as a corporate marketing executive who spent 18 years in corporate life, and the toll it took on her health and outlook of the future.
  • How a layoff after 9/11 moved Kathy into a direction she would have never guessed, as a Marriage and Family Therapist. There, she deeply resonated with women and her internal fire was lit to identify why women struggle with certain things when males don’t.
  • Extensive research over 10 years went into her latest book, The Most Powerful You, and now Kathy has identified the most common power gaps she sees in all socioeconomic brackets.
  • Some of the most powerful gaps include women not recognizing their special talent and ability, and diminishing it from claiming it an executive level.
  • How we can communicate from strength rather than fear and feel in our cells that we are good enough.
  • How women can build a better case for what they want and deserve and go after it.
  • The truth is that culture and society still support these power gaps, but real badass women do the work on themselves first and then help others rise up. When we speak up against discrimination and mistreatment, we help give others a voice as well.


  •  “I had this fire lit inside me like a true calling. I want to understand what is happening with women in the professional world. Why are women having these challenges while men are not:” - Kathy
  • “Women don’t even understand how they give their power away.” - Bonnie
  • “We don’t know how to build a case for what we want.” - Kathy


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