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Badass Women at Any Age

Dec 8, 2020


Suzy Unger, one of the pioneers of reality TV, has been a dealmaker in the biggest and  most prestigious agency in the world.  During her twenty-seven years in the television business,  she has had the unfailing instinct to discover talent, create and package legendary reality  television programming, and represent some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  Suzy lived a red-carpet life. What she didn’t know was that she was dying from anorexia nervosa. After an  almost deadly struggle, she checked herself into inpatient treatment.  It was then and there, after eight months, that she  decided to TRANSITION her own life.  At the age of 50, she decided to change other people’s lives  in the same way she had changed her own. She went to grad school and became a psychotherapist. As a fierce ally to the community, she completed her clinical hours at the Los  Angeles LGBT Center where she instituted the first eating disorder/body awareness therapy  group/ She then went on to lecture and speak on the subject and is passionate about new  beginnings, new stories, and new pathways.  

What You Will Hear

  • Suzy’s upbringing, education and ambition.
  • Her rise through the ranks of Hollywood.
  • Suzy’s denial and struggle with an eating disorder and how it affected her life and psyche.
  • Self worth and addiction. 
  • Treatment and recovery.
  • Suzy’s transition from Hollywood to Therapist and connection with the LGBTQ community.
  • Our connection to identity.  Discourse vs. truth
  • Getting vulnerable, perfectionism and true success.


  • “Addiction to anything is a response to pain.”
  • “My eating disorder kept me from my feelings”
  • “Identity is a socially constructed mechanism.  We are not internally flawed.  We are responding   to the effect of whatever is happening all around us.”
  • “Eating disorders are the number 1 mental illness killer.”
  • “Everyone should be the star of their lives.”
  • “Our work is a verb, it’s moving forward.”
  • “Questions are interventions.”


Monte Nido