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Badass Women at Any Age

Nov 10, 2020

Have you ever felt burned out in your life or career path?  Have you doubted yourself and your dreams?  Sasha Shillcutt, a cardiac anesthesiologist, professor, author, speaker and mother came to a life altering realization in 2013 after experiencing total burnout from what many would consider a perfect life.  This burnout experience led her to the realization that she was totally isolated and that all her incredible accomplishments didn’t bring her peace.   Once she stopped living for others, and started saying NO, she began to discover her full badass potential.  She started a small support group for female physicians, which has now grown to a community of 12K professional women, to find their courage and step up to their full potential.  As an author, Sasha publishes on gender equity believing in women helping women. and being brave enough to authentically lead as a woman.


What You Will Hear

  • The challenges that high achieving, play by the rules women face.
  • How consciously showing up and  pushing through criticism and self doubt became the pivotal moment to Sasha’s success.
  • The fine line between being obedient and being courageous.
  • Teaching our daughters how to embrace and own their ambition and how to balance our ambition with a fulfilling life.
  • Getting through the limiting beliefs we put on ourselves.


  • “ Life is not like a ladder it’s more like a jungle gym, we (women) have to give ourselves permission to pivot”
  • “Showing up as yourself as a woman in the middle of your life is one of the most courageous things you can do”
  • “Doing one brave thing empowers you to do the next brave thing”
  • “Once you free yourself you free all the people around you”
  • “Busy is the new self harm”
  • “Once you’re ok disappointing nice people you will find balance”


Between Grit and Grace


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