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Badass Women at Any Age

May 30, 2023

Karly Polkosnik started blogging about everyday life as a pastime after high school.  Operating in truth on and off camera and excelling in leadership as a result of her high school experience,  Karly found that her authenticity combined with her love for helping others was a perfect combination for success as an influencer. Karly is the real, raw and relatable voice we wish we had when we were growing up. Karly went viral as a plus size body and sex positive content creator who started making content after she was laid off from her nine to five corporate job. Realizing there was more to life than her job, Karly pressed the reset button and started fresh. Taking matters into her own hands she started sharing witty and relatable content on social media, forming a newly found path as an entrepreneur, being her own boss and making her own rules, even if it went against the grain. 

As a woman of color and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community Karly inspires others through messages, preaching self-confidence, whether it's through her podcast series, “Hey Bitches” or her blog, “Your Girl Karly”.  Karly makes sure to touch all the bases on fashion and wellness while instilling confidence in her 550,000 followers. 

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 


1:55 Karly’s personal story

4:44 Karly’s blog and transition to  podcast

19:35 Why people gravitate to Karly and her message

24:27 Fear and advice for finding your authentic voice

30:12 Content rollout process

33:27 Lessons learned about self through her journey



“I'm a real person who just happens to have a platform versus someone who built a platform for the sake of having a platform.”

“I want a certain type of person to follow me and engage with me and be in my space and if people are unfollowing me and whatnot, like they obviously aren't the right type of person that  I want to have here on my journey with me.”

“If I was too rigid and too set on a schedule and  just ingrained in how you do this thing, I don't think that I would be as successful as I am today,  because I am not scared to act on instincts that are positive and push my  dream life forward.”






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