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Badass Women at Any Age

Jul 5, 2022

As a child, watching her mother paint everyday, Linda Schreyer learned that with persistence and a creative spark there wasn’t anything that she couldn’t achieve. Linda is a music composer, television screenwriter, published author and writing teacher. She graduated from New York University and The School of Visual Arts studying electronic music with Steve Reich and Philip Glass, and began her entertainment career as a composer of film scores.  A Clio award nominee, Linda became a jingle writer for General Foods, Coty Perfume, Lady Stetson, Xerox, Chrysler, Caloric Kitchens, L’Eggs, Heinz, Jello, and more.  In the late 1980s, her career as a writer shifted to words instead of music.  Linda has  written over 1000 hours of serial television including  Port Charles,  Sunset Beach, General Hospital, and the Bold and Beautiful. She co-wrote and produced the television movie, A Place at the Table for NBC for which she received a Christopher award and an Ollie award.  In 2004, she traveled to Moscow for Sony Pictures Television International where she wrote for the series, Poor Anastasia Sins of the Father and created dear Masha for Russian television.  Linda taught a team of Russian writers  how to write for serial television. She received a grant from the Austrian Ministry of Culture to write The Goldsmith’s Daughter,  a play-in-progress about her family and pre-war Vienna.  Linda has mentored countless writers on completion of their books, taught classes since 1995, and conducted large writing workshops for organizations. Her books include From Cowboy to Mogul to Monster, a biography of producer Mark Damon.  Tears and Tequila with Joanne Lawman is her first novel. 

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

  • Linda’s personal story.
  • Linda’s first scoring projects.
  • Writing jingles. 
  • Songwriting and activism
  • Writing and producing for film.
  • Christopher award. 
  • Writing a script vs writing a screenplay
  • Learning to stand up for herself.
  • Longstory writing.  Soaps and Russia
  • Teaching writing.
  • From Cowboy to Mogul to Monster.
  • Advice for aspiring writers.
  • Finding a writing coach/mentor.


“It never really occurred to me to do anything else, but be a creative person.”

“One of the things I learned is that I can do anything that I set my mind to.”

“I am an experienced learner. I don't learn from people telling me. I learn from doing it.”

“I've suffered from imposter syndrome, but the truth is I never let any of it stop me. “

“If you wanna do something, learn from the craft that already exists.”

“There's no magic in writing. There is extreme hard work. To be in a community of writers, even if it's only a two person community is essential because writing is a solitary profession.”


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