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Badass Women at Any Age

Mar 16, 2021

As a licensed psychotherapist, Lucia DiVieste Severtson was crippled by fear and was able to diagnose herself with OCD.  Lucia sought out treatment to help her overcome her struggle.  Through exposure therapy, she began the journey of learning how to walk with and through fear.  Surrendering to treatment, she experienced a healing process that she wanted to pass on to other women.  This process coupled with the pandemic motivated Lucia’s founding of Be Brave Psychotherapy and Empowerment Coaching for Women, LLC in Denver, CO in April of 2020.  


Drawing from her personal experiences and expertise as a psychotherapist with a background in acting and dance/movement therapy, Lucia assists women in moving through fear and standing up against their own personal giants.  Through her program women learn to embody their most authentic and expanded version of themselves and step into authentic leadership. Lucia helps women break patterns of mind, body and voice through a combination of traditional psychotherapy techniques combined with dance/movement and drama therapy. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Lucia’s lifelong battle with OCD.

Diagnosing OCD and exposure therapy.

Debilitating fear

Deciding to dedicate her existing psychotherapy practice to women who suffer with anxiety and depression.

Lessons learned about women and their fears.

Expectations related to gender as well as parents effects on our identity and perceptions.

Lucia’s therapy process through movement and voice.  

Helping women create their own monologues.



“Fear is so provocative.”

”No matter the fear I can walk up to it, face it and walk with it.”

“The expectations for women keep changing.  We are asked to carry far more than anyone should be able to carry.”

“The story we tell ourselves about ourselves is powerful.”



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