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Badass Women at Any Age

Oct 5, 2021

Gail Lowney Alofisn has always had a passion for sales and giving.  Influenced  by her parents' example and her grandmother's motto, “Live every heartbeat”, Gail lives everyday to its fullest with intention, purpose and a glass half full perspective. Her exciting career in the corporate world spans over three decades focused on business development, sales, marketing, corporate sponsorship, event management and concert production. Gail  is a national keynote speaker,workshop leader, author, adjunct professor, career coach, radio show host and business development executive. She has taught business, communication and leadership at the University of Rhode Island since 1999.  Gail serves on several nonprofit boards focused on education, hunger, health, and business. Gail’s book, Your Someday is NOW – What are you Waiting For?, now in its second printing, has raised over $44,000 for non-profit organizations. She presents and coaches throughout the country in person and virtually. 


What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Gail’s multiple careers, teaching opportunities and public speaking. 

Gail’s parents impact and influence on her passion and drive for sales and giving.  

The Haitian Health Foundation formation and purpose.

Being present and pouring yourself into each day.  Learning the lesson of looking beyond yourself and knowing there is a whole world out there.

The importance, simplicity and  positive impact of giving, listening and caring.


The impact of a support system, perseverance, resilience and perspective when overcoming challenges.

Gail’s inspiration and experience of writing a book.

Avoiding burnout and the importance of sleep, exercise and healthy eating.


“Giving is not an obligation, giving is an opportunity.”

“When you serve others, you really feel a love in your heart and it feels good.”

“Age is a gift denied to many and if we age and we are blessed to, that is the ultimate gift.”

“To me it’s not getting up and going to work, it’s getting up and going to live.”


Haitian Health Foundation

Gendered Ageism Survey Results

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